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Great tunes. Will give this full support on my dance floors! — Cosmo Baker

Nightrunners releases don’t come often, but when they do, they are doper than ever.

Top Billin label manager and Nightrunners boss Heikki aka DJ Flipperi aka JD Flipper and Canadian producer Sean Roman have known each other for about a decade, and that is also how long it took for them to finally sit down and start making music together.

They spent the 2014 winter in Berlin doing the usual (party), but also managed to spend some time together in Top Billin Berlin studios tasting fine craft beers and discussing what was missing from the current landscape of house music. Now here we are a year later with a Nightrunners single finally out and their main production outfit Invisible Cities signed to Toolroom and KMS Records.

Sean and Heikki both share a love for 80’s sounds, the boogie, the pop and the drum machine influences are what combine to make this a great single. The result is what you can expect from 2 seasoned producers with their combined experience: fresh dance floor effective club music with cultural references thrown in all directions.

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