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Q&A: Mirage Man

Meet our homie Roope from Helsinki/Oxford, producing as the Bright Shades duo and now his own solo material as Mirage Man. We’re constantly impressed with his music and he has just made a new release for our Nightrunners label, deep dubby house business it is. Read a kool Q&A below….

1) Go ahead, represent.

Hello everybody! My name is Roope Karhunen. I dj and produce house music under the alias “Mirage Man”. Some of you loyal Top Billin followers might know me from my other project, Bright Shades. I’m currently located in Oxford, United Kingdom completing my BA on Audio Production.

2) Lay down some early influences.

The earliest electronic music influences which I experienced were quite far away from the stuff I tend to find myself listening these days.

I think everyone in my elementary school had a hip-hop phase and the bands like Cypress Hill, Wu-tang, D.I.T.C, M.O.P… etc. were an important part of a young mans musical education. Still I guess eventually what really got me thinking that “How the hell did they produce this?” was experimental stuff like Richard D. James, Autechre and my personal favourite Lackluster.

Around this time I started doing some early experiments with my mates utilising what else but a tracker software. Good times.

3) How about today then.

Techy, deep and obviously uk house stuff is influencing me hard these days. To mention some characters I’ve been following lately I could start off with Santé, Kink, Breach, Shadow Child, Jonas Rathsman, Jesse Perez, Chris Malinchak and way too many Off recordings artists even to count.

Still I don’t mind a occasional discotune or a solid classic.

4) How did you hook up with Nightrunners.

I knew the dude running the label quite a while before Bright Shades released on Top Billin (Nightrunners’ motherlabel) its debut ep but I guess that initially enabled me to open up a dialog about music with the label’s head honcho, Heikki.

Like to many of my mates I enjoy sending stuff I’m working on and Heikki got intrigued by a one particular song which led to this single release – Give it all away.

5) Everybody has a turning point, what was yours.

Definitely when I moved to Britain. I knew that my music was going to be influenced heavily by something… was it native british club music? Probably because currently I’m working on something quite garagy.

6) Name a shame track.

I like Drake’s music. A lot.

7) Do you like em Brown, Yellow, Puerto-Rican or Hatian.

All if possible and my name isn’t even Phife Dawg or from the Zulu nation.

8) My precious 12″.

Tough one. I would have to say Kink’s “Handmade” which I got for a present not too long ago from a dear friend or the testpress 12″ from Bright Shades’ “Sightseeing EP” produced with a dear friend.

Either way you (addressing the consumer) should peep them out.

9) Your chance to promote what you got coming up next / in the future.

I’ve been definitely hard at work in the studio and have a lot of songs which need just merely a final touch. Some of these bad boys are most likely going to be my follow up single for “Give it all away”. Also bear in mind I just love giving out free stuff as well.

10) Shout outs?

I would like

to out shout my colleagues DJ Tigane, Koobra, Hemo DJs, Lenno, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver from the Starboard collective, the madman from Amsterdam – Fredrick Oliver and Closer posse of Oxford.

Cheers buddies!