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Q&A: Lucky Stripes

Nightrunners continues the quest for finding the best in house and disco. The latest release is a long-awaited debut from Helsinki’s Lucky Stripes aka Alvar Tallskog, 19 year old producer and DJ from Helsinki. Alvar has been DJing since he was 15 as part of the Hemo DJ’s collective and already a household name in several clubs. Read his new interview to get to know the man better.

1) Go ahead, represent.

My name is Alvar Tallskog and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I also play/produce in a DJ collective called HEMO DJ’s. Right now I’m focusing on my solo project Lucky Stripes, which I launched last year. I’ve been DJ:ing since I was 15 years old.

2) Lay down some early influences.

As a teenager I was into band music. I went through many different genres, from indie rock to trash metal and punk. I’ve always been a DIY-person so as a rock music fan it was natural for me to start playing something. When I discovered that my potential as a singer was pretty minimal I started to play guitar. But hey, at least I still have a Fender hanging on my wall!

3) How about today then.

I used to listen and produce nudisco for quite long. Even though I have now turned my style into more deep and minimalistic style, the influence of nudisco can still be heard in my tracks. British house producers are right now my biggest inspiration. Lately I’ve also been listening to Surkin, who was my idol a few years ago. He’s really made some interesting steps forward with his production. He’s the guy whose music sound pretty weird at the first time, but still after a year everybody makes that kind of tunes.

4) How did you hook up with Top Billin.

Well.. actually I started to listen Top Billin’s music at the same time I started Dj:ing. For a 15 years old youngster I found the Top Billing guys somewhere between gods and rockstars. I spent my weekends fretting that I didn’t have the age to go to their clubs. Remembering that today is funny, but I have to admit that I still find Top Billin very cool! My first contact with Top Billin was with Nenis two years ago, but this summer I hooked up with Heikki from Nightrunners and sent him some demos.

5) Name a shame track.

I used to listen Modern Talking… Also The Fatrat ”crazybanger” remix of Flo Rida’s Good Feeling rocks.

6) Do you you like em Brown, Yellow, Puerto-Rican or Hatian.

Dude, you should never judge people by their skincolour or nationality. The main thing should be what you are, not what you look like. Finland is a very homogenic country and if you ask me, I think it would be very good to have some more colour and nationalities here! When it comes to girls, I’m in a relationship with a Finnish girl and she really drives me crazy with her beauty every day 🙂

7) My precious 12″

Justice – Waters of Nazareth. It was the first vinyl I bought

8] Best sample flip you know.

Nowadays most of the producers use some kind of vocal samples in their tracks. It’s hard to point out any individual track, but maybe I’d pick Le Youth’s Dance With Me. It’s also cool, when you find a vocal, which is so tasty that only thing you need to do is to mix it with proper bass line and drums. For example: Sion – He Got Game

9) Likes?

Producing and listening to good music of course, but I’ve been little pessimistic with the new music I’ve explored lately. I feel like most of the house/disco tunes are sounding too familiar, almost copies of each other. Or maybe it’s just me being grumpy… Well anyways I get exited about tracks with blends of different genres, or with some experimental vibes. You should always hear the original touch of the producer in his tune. I like quality movies with tasty slice of pizza, riding my fixed gear, the Helsinki coastline&islands and 90’s clothes.

10) Dislikes?

I definitely say Finnish winter. Too long, too cold.

11) Your chance to promote what you got coming up next / in the future.

Well, I’m pretty excited about my single My Love release on Nightrunners and there’s also more good music coming soon from Lucky Stripes. I’m planning to make a new music video this autumn, but it’s too early to tell you any details yet!

12) Shout outs?

They will go to my partner Otto-Wille in Hemo Dj’s and Ville from Bright Shades. It’s been a pleasure to work with Otto-Wille, and the support I got from Ville in the beginning of my career was very important to me. Also big shouts to my homeboys Tomi, Tuisku, Matti and Fedja!