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Nightrunners Music is a division on Top Billin Music corporation, dedicated to the delightful sounds of disco and house. Founded in 2010 by DJ Flipperi, Nightrunners delivers a variety of different sounding releases with the aim of making you dance, whether you be at the club or by the pool.

Koobra “Nightrunning”

Hey, brand new video for Koobra’s ‘Nightrunning’, check it. Remember ‘Cruising’ by Helsinki 78-82? This could easily be the sequel to that (with some added comedy), except this time with a car instead. Starring Reima Gucci and friends, it’s once again a feelgood video! Woop woop! Camera – 252Five Media 2nd Camera & Grading – […]

OUT NOW: Koobra – Nightrunning EP

Nightrunning EP by Koobra Earlier this year we had the pleasure to release the debut ep from Helsinki’s finest disco & house import, Koobra. The ep included a great deal of house jams to keep them ladies dancing and now Koobra is back with his second ep. Drawing influences from classic house vibes as well […]

New mix from Voxels

VOXELS – RUBIKTURNTABLE MIXTAPE by Breaks Lda. on Mixcloud Voxels have just released their debut ep on our Nightrunners series / sub label. And to celebrate the occasion here’s a dj mix from the fine Portuguese duo. Stream or download and don’t fight the feeling. Tracklisting: 01. Voxels – The Dancefloor 02. Slap In The […]

OUT NOW: Voxels – Synthmetric EP

Synthmetric EP by Voxels New on NIGHTRUNNERS, presenting you VOXELS. Voxels are a careful explored sonic mess, an ordered everyday experimentation in opposition to the chaos of influences electronic dance music fell into this past years. The duo is composed of Pedro Chamorra and Pedro Pinto, two individuals with a vast CV within the music […]

Helsinki 78-82 closing LOVE

Helsinki 78-82 (aka. Koobra & Flipperi) playing unreleased version of their track ‘Cruising’ followed by Pryda – Reeperbahn.

Mr. A & Something Good – B.A.B.E.

New release coming on our Nightrunners -series (dedicated to all form of disco and house)… This time from Helsinki’s house hero Mr. A and his buddies Something Good. Mr. A is a standout character in the Helsinki nightlife and a long-time friend of ours. Comes with a dub and remixes from Lenno, StardonE and our […]


DJ Flipperi & Tane lee back to back all night longo!

Discovery = Love All Around

Our disco party Discovery this month was mad fun. Thanks to Flipper & Downtown Party Network. 11 minutes of bonus right here. MP3 MFSB – Love Is The Message (Danny Krivit Re-edit) (320K) (


Downtown Party Network – We Are Cats by Downtown Party Network Our house/disco party in June will feature some nice music from Lithuania aka Downtown Party Network. Last time with Tensnake was a blast to arrive early, it’s cheaper too.


We arranged this remix competition a while back and found some really great talent… and there’s was this one well made disco-house remix by a young producer called Lenno, that topped all others. Little did we know that Lenno was 15 at the time he entered the remix competition and took it home. Now Lenno […]

Bright Shades — “Sightseeing” EP

Sightseeing EP by Bright Shades Bright Shades – Sightseeing ep is out now and you know we love disco, right? So meet our friends from Helsinki, Bright Shades. Ville & Roope who together are Bright Shades, are no strangers to dance music as they already have several years of dj experience under their belt and […]

StardonE – Space Romance EP

Space Romance EP by StardonE Here we go…. number 8 in our Nightrunners -series, this time from a young producer called StardonE. Beautiful epic stuff, this will be your summer soundtrack. Even how he describes himself is pretty epic too: StardonE is a producer much influenced and also in tune with the current electronic music […]

Lenno – Streets / Your Style

Your Style / Streets by Lenno We arranged this remix competition a while back and found some really great talent… and there’s was this one well made disco-house remix by a young producer called Lenno, that topped all others. Little did we know that Lenno was 15 at the time he entered the remix competition […]

Discovery at YK again tonite

Our monthly disco and house flavoured club night is going down tonite at Club YK. We’re celebrating the release of Bright Shades‘ ‘Sightseeing ep’ (check the ep on the player above) and Tensnake will play a live set too. So get down and EARLY, it’s only 5€ for early birds.

Discovery this Saturday w/ LENNO (Live)

Next episode of Discovery this Saturday at Club YK. Last time with Fred Falke was a blast and this time we're celebrating the release of our young guns Lenno's debut ep. Grab Lenno's remix of the Top Billin hit single 'Playboy Anthem' above and come down on Saturday disco lover. zp8497586rq

Top Billin & Nightrunners “Discovery mix”

Discovery Mix by Top Billin on Mixcloud “Why is it that Finland is the only country with bass player jokes? Are we the only ones with dumb bassist or smart drummers?” Stand up jokes aside, because this here is serious business. Fred Falke, a bass playing French house guru, is coming to Helsinki this Friday. […]

Discovery w/ Fred Falke (LIVE)

Very disco indeed, YK:n uusin perjantaiklubi aloittaa 18.2. todellisella discohouse herkulla, kun Fred Falke Pariisista tulee vetämään liven. Discovery tarjoaa kaikki ajankohtaisimmat house & disco parhaudet tehokkaalla dj toiminnalla yhdistettynä TB tyyliin. Älä jää nurkaan seisomaan, ei kannata. Discoveryn vetäjinä toimivat Top Billin / Helsinki 78-82 / Nightrunners DJt Flipperi & Tane Lee. Top Billin […]


Nightrunners Vol 1 by Nightrunners Presenting our first compilation ep of our ‘Nightunners’ –series. If you’ve been following Top Billin releases you might know that Nightrunners is our series for the more disco vibed house releases, such as the very popular Helsinki 78-82 release in 2010. This first compilation ep showcases the talent of our […]

ADAM Bozzetto Distro Nox Ep Out Now

Distro Nox EP by Adam Bozzetto Wowowow, more ore great music, this time from our Australian brother, Adam Bozzetto. We had a blast with Adam last time in Sydney and ever since we started putting his ‘I Want To Be With Two’ on mixes, there has been such a demand for that tune so here […]