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Nightrunners continues the quest for finding the best in house and disco. The latest release is a long-awaited debut from Helsinki’s Lucky Stripes aka Alvar Tallskog, 19 year old producer and DJ from Helsinki. Alvar has been DJing since he was 15 as part of the Hemo DJ’s collective and a participant in the DJ workshops where we used to coach back in the day. Already a household name in several clubs, Lucky Stripes is a project that warms the heart and soul.

The style of Lucky Stripes goes somewhere between deep house, relaxed disco and party anthems. So the limits are quite loose, but that is exactly what Alvar is aiming for as a producer. Like a good producer should, Lucky Stripes wants to create tracks that he fully approves and has a vision people dancing to. Because that’s what the man does, creates music for dancing. Naming Surkin, Modern Talking, Le Youth and Sion as favorites, there will not be a shortage or different styles in this gents productions, and having started with indie rock and for short time tried his wings as a guitar player, Lucky Stripes is the way forward.

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