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Bounce Camp — “Sanctuary”

Here’s what we call a comeback, Bounce Camp aka Sampo who back in the day produced Top Billin’s best-selling track ‘Big Dancin’ is back with a video and a free track. If you know the man, he has skills, but also does not take himself too serious (hence the 90’s vibed on the beach -video). […]

New remix from Voxels

Moullinex – Sunflare (Ruined by Voxels) – FREE DOWNLOAD by Voxels “Voxels: Our remix for Moullinex’s “Sunflare”, where we completely ruined the nice summer vibe of the original and turned it into a heavy dark track.” Ruined? Hell no, this is excellent, download for free. Voxel’s debut ep in now out on Nightrunners so make […]

OUT NOW: Voxels – Synthmetric EP

Synthmetric EP by Voxels New on NIGHTRUNNERS, presenting you VOXELS. Voxels are a careful explored sonic mess, an ordered everyday experimentation in opposition to the chaos of influences electronic dance music fell into this past years. The duo is composed of Pedro Chamorra and Pedro Pinto, two individuals with a vast CV within the music […]

Discovery = Love All Around

Our disco party Discovery this month was mad fun. Thanks to Flipper & Downtown Party Network. 11 minutes of bonus right here. MP3 MFSB – Love Is The Message (Danny Krivit Re-edit) (320K) (

Zebra & Snake / Helsinki 78-82 remix

Zebra and Snake – Big Bad Drummer from Stereotype Helsinki on Vimeo. Dope as those jeans micro shorts all girls wear this summer. Zebra & Snake – Big Bad Drummer (Helsinki 78-82 remix) (320K) (mediafire)


A while ago we had this idea to remix something from Kid Sister’s album (which was a great pop album btw). Daydreaming had Helsinki 78-82 written all over it, but it was impossible to pull off any clean samples from the original so we ended up using only the intro part and building a whole […]

Helsinki 78-82 release party this friday!

Helsinki 78-82 is a side project we started about a year ago with Kalle aka King Kaleb. You can also blame us on some of the Top Billin remixes as King Kaleb & Kujaman Productions. Kalle has some crazy solo stuff coming up and we ve just finished HKI 78-82 remix for Zebra & Snake. […]

40 years ago

Oh yeah, congratulations for Neil Armstrong for the 40th anniversary of being on the first man on the moon and also to Yuri Gagarin for the first space travel. The Rah Band – Clouds Accross The Moon (320K) (Zshare)

Theo Parrish

In Helsinki first time this month. Do not sleep. Here’s some 10 minutes deepness from the Detroit legend (although this is my favourite Theo track of all time, I just can’t find the 12″ going through my shelves. Paging Sampo right now) Theo Parrish – Heal Yourself & Move (320K) (Mediafire)

Eagle Boston

Eagle Boston is totally cool german/finnish ensemble. Apparently the band was formed while mixing the LCMDF album in the Kaiku studios in Berlin. From what I’ve heard, the girls were late and the dudes just started jamming, and the next thing you know, there’s a new band. They combine elements from kraut, new wave and […]

Cosmic Mondays #7

More Nightrunners edits, por favor. Italo disco with some past weekend early hour cosmic threatment. Original performed by italian disco act Argentina. Nuff said… Argentina – Lets All Dance (Nightrunners “78-82” Edit) (320K) (DivShare)

Nightrunners! seconded

Today is a great day to make posts related to this evening. End of the year saw some great releases on the electronic tip, so doubt about tonight’s hit potential. We’ll probably play that Dance Area tune 7 times and some exclusives from Ayres (Ayres & Nadastrom collaboration hell yes, straight up club house). It’s […]

a mix from Tasty

Taneli aka Tasty T (team young Oulu) will be playing with us at the next Nightrunners. We met Taneli when we went up north to play and being tired forgot to take the serato discs with us (how can you do that) and he was the only one around to borrow us a pair, well […]